Val Kilmer on Set in Austin with Fun Fun Fun Fest on Friday

Photo By Craig Hlavaty
Kilmer can be seen in a black hat here, filming a scene at Fun Fun Fun Fest. He was yelling something about dinner.
Apparently actor Val Kilmer has joined the cast of director Terence Malick's still-filming picture about the music industry. He appeared at the service entrance at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest this afternoon.

Actor Michael Fassbender was also in tow, filming scenes with indie act the Dum Dum Girls.

Jaguar PS /
Not at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Last year at FFFF, Ryan Gosling was also onsite with Malick, filming with the Black Lips. The boys in the Lips were seen walking behind the film crew today as well.

Malick and company have been mainstays at Austin music festivals the past year or so, appearing at the Austin City Limits Music Festival these past two years.

Sorry for the great pictures. I was worried about my phone being smashed by Malick's crew. I was trying to stealthy.

This movie better be good, and I hope I have a cameo, or I can at least say I was digitally removed from a Malick film.

Malick's crew, with Kilmer seated at left.

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