Thank You, Trashy Pop Culture!

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We are grateful that this happened.
This is the time of year when friends and family come together to express their gratitude for being in each other's lives. It's a time to forget the cares of the world and eat lots of pie. At Art Attack, we have many thanks; much of our thanks come from a good place like caring about art and stuff, and then we are also thankful for all the pop culture hot messes that have occurred this year because they have given us something to write about.

Thank you, trashy culture; where would we be without you?

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Nanny DebacleWhen the Governator came out with the news that he had a secret love child with his children's nanny, it was genuinely surprising. Of all the men to cheat, Arnie never fit the bill; he's married to a Kennedy. I wonder if when his nanny broke the news he asked her if it might just be a tumor?

7. Kate Middleton's Boobs

Thanks Kate for being so oblivious to the fact that you are one of the most well-known people in the world and if you prance around in your birthday suit no one would be hiding in your yard to snap a photo.

6. Courtney Stodden Doing AnythingWhat is America's fascination with Courtney Stodden? Who knows and who cares. Anytime we write about her we get lots of page views, so keep on doing that thing you do, Stodden.

5. Prince Harry Getting Hammered


Prince Harry is a swinging, single dude. Why shouldn't he go to Vegas, get rip-roaringly drunk and hop in a pool with Ryan Lochte? Tell me you wouldn't challenge Lochte to a freestyle competition if you were wasted in a pool in Vegas and really rich. And then tell me you wouldn't go take naked pictures of yourself with a bunch of hotties. You would.

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