Pop Rocks: For Your Consideration, Five Men Sexier Than "Sexiest Man Alive" Channing Tatum

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Sure, Channing Tatum has firmly chiseled abs, and can really make it look like he's humping the floor to that "Pony" song, and he occasionally takes his sunglasses off, but can he create a dancing sensation that has taken the nation by storm? No? Why can't he? Oh, right; because he's nothing more than a charlatan in a white wife beater.

J.J. Watt
Has anybody ever been on the cover of Sports Illustrated and been named Sexiest Man Alive in the same year? I'll save you the trouble of looking it up: no. Only one non-actor has ever won (John F. Kennedy, Jr. in 1988), and it would be kind of weak to pick some pretty boy like Tom Brady or Tony Romo (I bet Namath would've won if they had the SMA back in 1969, though). Watt has just that kind of wholesome aura People readers get off on, and being taunted by opposing lineman for winning the award would probably enrage him to the point of getting 40 sacks a season. It's win-win.

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Yes to Nick Offerman. 


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