Pop Rocks: Would The Kevin Clash (of Elmo Fame) Thing Be Easier To Accept If He'd Created One Of These Characters?

Mr. Horse
For a brief, wonderful couple of years (1991-93, to be exact), John Kricfalusi's Ren & Stimpy Show was a subversive bit of hilarity on an otherwise largely bland cable landscape. One of John K's creations, Mr. Horse, was usually pretty innocuous. This clip, however, from the episode "Rubber Nipple Salesmen," was the stuff of nightmares.

Fine, this isn't necessarily creepy, just lazy. I mean, most of us have made impromptu hand puppets just to calm our own shrieking kids down in the car at some point. These guys just added fake eyeballs and pitched it to a couple Noggin executives who'd obviously snorted all their Blue's Clues profits. It ran for 10 seasons. Meanwhile, Jack's Big Music Show was canceled after 26 episodes. Thanks, Obama.

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I had a friend who had a friend who was friends with Steve from Blues Clues, and I heard he was a coke head.


Who's that hack playing The Great Hoodoo?! He is certainly no Charles Nelson Reilly.


I just thought the Boohbahs were living scrotums that spoke a less intelligible language than the Teletubbies.

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