Person of Interest: Marriage Is a Dish Best Served Cold

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Dude, seriously; you need to lose those sideburns.
Love is in the air! Not only were this week's only flashbacks to the budding romance between Finch and his his great lost love Grace, but it's also looking like there's romance brewing for both Carter and Fusco (not with each other, however).

Yes, Fusco.

Being an expert on network television, I can safely say at least one of these burgeoning relationships will end in tragedy ("caught in bomb blast" is currently at 5/2). Or perhaps they'll merely succumb to the ennui that dooms so many love affairs. As Carter says, "Being in love is one thing, being married ... whole different animal."

I eagerly await the CBS spinoff: Mad About Fusco.

We start the show in 2006, the year a young Hannah Montana taught us all to love again, Finch (Michael Emerson) and Grace Hendricks (Carrie Preston) are on their first date, talking about de Chirico and painting and a shared love of Italy. "It was worth the wait," Finch says about visiting the country, but we know he's talking about finally hanging out with the woman he's been stalking all this time.

Back in the present day, Finch and Bear are going walkies past her house. I guess it's more like "stalkies." But no time for that, there's a new Number of the Week. Scratch that, *two* numbers: Sabrina & Daniel Drake (Francie Swift and Mark Pellegrino), co-CEOs of a local publishing house. They're pretty rich for people still in print, but have also raised the ire of the Maryland Militia after putting out an expose of their leader, one Wade Huggins.

Wait a minute, *Maryland* has a militia? What are their demands? A non-shitty quarterback for the Ravens?

Anyway, Huggins has made threats, so Reese (Jim Caviezel) is going to shadow the couple while Finch checks out their house. Reese congratulates Finch on his B&E skills, to which Finch replies, "Thank you for appreciating my descent into deviant behavior." Oh you two.

Mr. Finch and Grace in happier times.
The Drakes are agigtated about someone named "Henry." Reese reconnoiters, overhearing that Henry (Brooks, who own 5% of the company) wants the Drakes to sell. He seems a likely suspect, but I've already figured this out: Daniel is played by Mark Pellegrino, who played Lucifer in Supernatural, so obviously some unholy murder-suicide is about to go down.

Anyway. Finch and Reese split up, Finch follows Daniel to a meeting and Reese thwarts an attempt to blow up Sabrina's car. And the same cell phone that called the detonator on the bomb ... just called Daniel! Daniel's trying to kill his own wife! I love it when I'm right.

Then again, Sabrina's kind of a pain in the ass. "I went to Yale, you went to Northwestern?" That's dirty pool.

Sabrina's shares in the company go to Daniel if she dies, so it's a safe bet he'll try again. Finch and Reese track the would-be hitman (Santiago) to the 8th Precinct, where Carter is chasing down the detective who popped him: Beecher (Sterling K. Brown). Is that flirtation I sense? Beecher says he'll try to dig up some intel. Yeah, they're into each other. Why not? They're the only black characters on the show, making them a perfect match by the not-at-all antiquated guidelines for prime time network TV.

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