Person Of Interest: "Critical" Care

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Evidently Reese never saw the Luca Brasi scene in "The Godfather."
I think it's time for Reese to get a new suit.

It's a nice look, don't get me wrong, but threatening to become cartoonish, like Bart Simpson's red t-shirt or June Cleaver's pearl necklace (stop that). He doesn't even employ Finch's strategy of changing neckties every week. For a guy who's "hunted by the authorities," it might be a good idea to mix it up every now and then. Maybe a cowboy hat. Or Air Jordans.

Everything old was new again this week, with several past characters popping up again in another mythology-free episode.

Our first blast from the past (well, from the season premiere anyway) is Leon Tao (Ken Leung). He's up to his old tricks, only this time instead of ripping of the Aryan Brotherhood, he's cheating the Russian mafia. What is it with this guy and white people?

Unfortunately, another Number of the Week pops up almost immediatel, so Finch (Michael Emerson) and Reese (Jim Caviezel) are forced to leave Tao in the library (with Bear standing guard, natch). If this seems like a stupendously bad idea, it probably is.

The pair masquerade as donors to New York General Hospital (or Reese does, Finch has actually donated enough money for "a wing or two"). Why a hospital? Because the NOTW is Dr. Madeline Enright, a surgeon equally at home treating the victim of a gang shooting as she is prepping for bypass surgery on an energy magnate named Oliver Veldt. "Maddie" is married to Amy, a blonde chick who looks like the lead singer of Roxette. But also, it's cool we have a bi-racial, lesbian relationship front and center on a prime time network program and nobody bats an eye.

"No, that other guy was in 'Princess Bride.'"
Elsewhere, Fusco is the detective on scene at a murder where the victim (a Croatian named Babik) is carrying Carter's business card in his pocket. The card has "6611th" written on the back. WHAT CAN IT MEAN?

Back at the hospital, Dr. Maddie meets one Alistair Wesley (Julian Sands), who "asks" the good doctor to "make a mistake." Specifically, Veldt's bypass. He's not beating about the bush: Maddie will botch Veldt's surgery or Wesley will have a sniper kill Amy at her outdoor charity event. The threat is even more convincing because Wesley looks a lot like Mr. Kobayashi from The Usual Suspects.

I mean, *exactly* like him. I can't watch this without hearing "I work for Keyser Soze" in my head. Do all English guys look like that when they get old?

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