More '90s TV Reboots Please -- The Possibilities Are Endless

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Coach Hayden Fox's illustrious football career is tarnished when it is discovered that Luther Horatio Van Dam was taking pictures of cheerleaders in the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles locker rooms. Not only that, Dauber was banging Christine the whole time. Now, Coach Fox coaches his grandson's youth football league.

Blossom wasn't interesting enough in the first place, though I am sure Joey Russo's porn career is booming, and Anthony Russo was pretty dark and disturbing for a sitcom. A recovering alcoholic EMS medic?

Grace Under Fire could have only ended in meth abuse, prostitution, and murder.

We will probably never get the proper Married with Children revisit that we deserve now that Peg Bundy is a biker chick. Let's just assume that Al Bundy would have killed himself by now.

Murphy Brown? No thanks. She was more than likely ousted long ago off Fox News for being too old.

How would have 9/11 and TSA guidelines effected the Hackett brothers on Wings? Is Helen Chapel still hottish?

Doogie Howser has his own reality show on E! about nose jobs and ass lifts. You watch it religiously.

Empty Nest. All dead in an earthquake/wildfire.

Tim Taylor's YouTube channel is a hit, if only because he got millions of hits for accidentally driving a nail through his hand. And his foot. And Al's neck. Come to think of it, Tim Allen's Last Man Standing isn't too much different from Home Improvement. I wanna see Randy's one-man play about growing up with the Tool Man and the inherent shaming involved.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Man, kids in the 90's really had some shitty shows.

Lyndsey Stang
Lyndsey Stang

My brother would go crazy over some Salute Your Shorts.

Lyndsey Stang
Lyndsey Stang

It won't even look like time passed with Fisher. She never gets older.

Eric Walls
Eric Walls

Parker Lewis Cant Lose. Maybe this time he did.

Jww Weghorst
Jww Weghorst

Never saw that show, and did not think it was that popular. Bring back, It's Your Move with Jason Bateman. It rand for 14 episodes or something.

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