Buyer's Guide to Video Game Watches

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It's likely you're never without the time these days because you're never without your phone. Also a calculator proving all our math teachers to be shortsighted killjoys. Still, nothing says style like a good timepiece, and if you're a gamer, you're going to want to celebrate it at the same time. Here's another of our handy guides on geek buying.

Tokyo Flash specializes in very sleek, modern watches. During their design contest, a user named Laszlo from Hungary submitted these beauties inspired by Portal 2. They use two different digital interfaces, OLED and analogue fluorescent ink, to display the time and are meant to call to mind your idiotic companion-turned-antagonist Wheatley. The design also suggests watch boxes based on the companion cube. They haven't been manufactured yet, but here's hoping!

Another amazing concept with a more old-school flavor comes from Italian designer Benedetto Papi. Inspired by the classic Pac-Man, Papi's watch uses a uniform yellow area to display the hour and minute, with about 1:20 being the optimal moment to relive the iconic arcade game.

Speaking of old school, get a load of this amazing Space Invaders watch from renowned watch designer Romain Jerome. Not only is it a masterfully constructed piece of mechanical art, it incorporates spare parts from Apollo 11. Apparently Taito didn't initially believe that Jerome was utterly serious about licensing the game for his world-famous watches, and had to show them examples to get them on board. The result is nothing short of astounding.

I found this gem over at Xpress Passion. It's a stylish and cheap basic wristwatch displaying the three Spiritual Stones and the six Medallions of the Sages from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Good, quick buy for the Zelda fan in your life.

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