Casting Call: James Bond Contenders from Around the Globe

Just as Skyfall is about to see its U.S. release, it's also about time that we should consider the fact that Daniel Craig is probably close to retiring the role of James Bond. So with that in mind, we should consider the possibilities. We could see Bond in his earlier years and have a younger version...or go with the typical older, more mature, but still handsome Bond as we've seen in...Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan or even Daniel Craig. Now maybe it's because I'm from a younger generation, but I think we need a fresh look for Bond.

There was even a time when I thought Jude Law would have made the best Bond...luckily that time has passed. But after reading a recent article in Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming Bond film, I started to think about some of the guys I've seen and thought could and should be in line to play the next James here they are.

BRITISH BOND NO. 1: All readers of my Many Shades of Christian Grey article might think I am a little biased here, but I'm going to have to go with yummy British hunk Alex Pettyfer again for this one.

Why him? Well, some of the same reasons as before. That sexy smile, the confident, cocky yet appealing attitude...not to mention those beautiful "Greek God" looks of his. Also in his favor: already British, well-spoken, charismatic. Yes, he is 22, but he looks older than he could pass for a mid- to late-twenties version of 007. And although in reality he seems too much of a sweetheart to deserve the title Ladies Man, he would make a believable one onscreen.

AUSTRALIAN BOND: Another blond hunk who some bloggers and I (semi) believe could tackle the role is Chris Hemsworth. The 28-year-old Australian actor already plays another action hero, Thor. Plus he's tall, built, sexy...(not really my type, but sexy to a majority). Now, the only problem I foresee is believability. As far as playing a well-educated, well-spoken, believable spy. Not so sure. Also, his Aussie accent is pretty thick...but that's why it's called acting, I suppose.

BRITISH BOND NO. 2: A second British choice could be 29-year-old Henry Cavill. He was considered for the role at one point and then dropped, but I can't understand why. Who would not believe that this sexy British import has both the smarts and the sex appeal to play the famous spy? He's well-spoken, intelligent...with a deep voice and soft British accent. Who couldn't hear him uttering the famous words, "Bond...James Bond." And I think it's safe to say Cavill is the kind of guy that could get any woman he wanted.

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well its a very nice list...actually i would like anyone of them as Bond aahem may be i would just like to replace Henry cavill with Jeremy renner. Just my choice. :)


I read a rumor that Idris Elba was up for the part. Damn fine actor.

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