Reality Bites: Border Wars

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The more you know.
Of course there are drugs. And after the agents seize them, they're worried about getting hijacked as they drive the contraband across town. I'm no big city law enforcement analyst, but maybe you should pile a hundred bundles of weed in something more secure than an open pickup truck.

A neighbor laments the recent rise in crime and violence in their community: "We're the United States, we're not in Mexico." Cut to shot of tattered American flag. All the scene needed to finish it off was Iron Eyes Cody.

Marine Interdiction Agents also attempt to stem the flow of drugs coming across the Rio Grande. I like how one of the agents is named "Ranger," just like Lone Wolf McQuade! This show could definitely use more circle kicks.

Finally, Agent Renee Tuinstra concentrates on the human trafficking element. She's a diligent foe of smugglers, though her incredulity at smugglers "valuing money over human life" seems a trifle naive. That seems like something you'd learn in Border Patrol 101. She leads a joint task force on a raid of a local house and in the ensuing chase, one of the suspects is almost caught by the dude filming the scene. I'll bet you get some serious shit from your fellow inmates if you get run down by the camera guy.

The suspects' excuses are just as lame as anybody else's, of course: "I just came from my grandma's house." This is almost as good as, "I can't go to jail, I'm pregnant" (women have it so easy in this country).

Proximity aside, there's little to distinguish Border Wars from others of its ilk. Doors are kicked in, suspects are thrown in the backs of cars, and large quantities of dangerous marijuana are seized. A more interesting question for me is, why is this stuff on the National Geographic Channel?

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