Pop Rocks: Pop Culture's Most Bad Ass Presidents

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Thomas J. Whitmore

George W. Bush was also a pilot, but he never fought in a pitched battle against alien invaders for the future of mankind.

Or maybe he did. Those Texas Air National Guard records are pretty sketchy.

Nixon's Head

One could make the point the head of former President Richard M. Nixon was slightly less of a full-blown psychotic than the actual President. You be the judge.

Michael Wilson

The Japanese have the best names for video games. Case in point: Metal Wolf Chaos, in which the rightfully elected President Wilson is deposed by his VP, ushering in a nightmare dictatorship.

What would you do in Wilson's shoes? Appeal to the Supreme Court? Lead a grassroots movement of your fellow Americans to remove the Vice President in a non-violent revolution? Or would you strap on your battlemech armor and lay waste to half the continental United States in the pursuit of JUSTICE?

That's what I thought.

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Lauriston Brewster
Lauriston Brewster

Actually, I see JFK as the "Lincoln" of the '60s....or is that too far-fetched?

Dennis F. Rothacker
Dennis F. Rothacker

Kennedy, hands down. He scared the shit out of the Russians and the Cubans, and then decided to go to the moon. We got there, JFK was the man!

Michael Terry
Michael Terry

Kennedy was a very sickly person, maybe he could beat up carter


Here's the problem with movie makers: many use historically inaccurate "facts" into Movied and try to pass them as facts. This movie is no different. Lincoln didn't free slaves. He didn't care to free them. He is quoted as saying he didn't care if we still had slaves and even sentenced women and children to be hung to get votes. He violatedthe Constitution which is no different of today's elite but back then it was horrible. He is how we got where we are today along with ignorant folks voting people like him in. Good movie but if you really know history, you will see falsified history.

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