A Car Just For the Ladies and Other Women Centric-Products

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High-heeled Shoe Tub

OK, this high-heeled shoe tub is neat looking but is it practical? It seems incredibly uncomfortable, and I assume when you get out of it you are in a lot of pain and your back hurts. So it is just like a regular high-heeled shoe.

Siemens Sexy "Soap" Phone for Women

Women are already synonymous with the gift of gab, and the phone is our natural weapon of choice. You can very easily "girl" up your phone; you can add some bling, a cutesy cover. Chick up your phone by making "California Gurls" your ring tone if you feel so inclined. Given all of the alterations a lady can make to her phone it seems absurd to create a phone specifically for a woman, however, it was done. What makes this phone so female oriented? The phone is described as having "sexy curves" and "femininity," "purity," and "elegance." Oh, now I get it. This phone was created to make women feel bad about their bodies.

Pink Tools

Pink tools!

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