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Perfect for the ladies
Now that the election is starting to wind down, the pundits are flapping their gums over the results -- who got the most votes from this, who got the least votes from that, etc. Of the many demographics that went out to vote this Tuesday, women seem to be one that the pollsters have been focusing on. According to some, women made all the difference for President Obama. Women matter!

Ideally, this interest in the female gender should propel women into a higher bracket of respect amongst our male counterparts. Our voices are loud, and we demand respect. ROAR.

Just as quickly as we take a giant leap forward, we are flung forty million feet back. Honda recently created a new version of the Honda Fit specifically for women, pretty much because it's pink.

Last week, Honda introduced the Honda Fit She's. She's pretty and shiny; She's not all scary and black like most Honda Fits. She's got a lot nifty features that us gals will love! The windshield has a special UV-blocking coating to protect our delicate skin from the sun's harmful rays. Plus, the She's features a "Plasmacluster" climate control system, which apparently helps skin quality. Oh goody! Now when we are doing our makeup while driving, we won't have to worry about getting wrinkles.

And the interior of the She's Fit has pink stitching because everyone knows that pink is all women's favorite color.

I, for one, am glad that something as sexist and ridiculous as this new car is coming out in 2012; there is just too much deep conversations going on about women's bodies and reproduction and all that other icky stuff.

I know women are different than men, Mars and Venus and all that, but is this really necessary? If a woman were to build a car she wouldn't bother with the sun blocking windows; she would put in nail polish remover and hair dryers and wine.

This is nothing new at all, there have been plenty other ridiculous everyday items specifically geared towards women.

Canon's PowerShot Camera for Women

There is absolutely nothing feminine about this camera aside from the fact that it comes in pink and baby blue. Canon put this camera out a few years ago and targeted it specifically to the weaker sex by leaving out "unnecessary buttons." Maybe women don't need extraneous things to press and pull on their gadgets, but why do men? I guess dudes just like pulling on things.

High-heeled Bike/Car

Just for girls
It is difficult to say what type of vehicle this is. Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? Perhaps it's a Big Wheels. There are two very obvious attributes one can perceive about this vehicle. It's a giant shoe, and no self-respecting man would be caught dead in it. Naturally, this is something any lady would love!

Bruno Banani Made For Women Perfume
Err... Bruno? Who else do you think wears perfume? Please fire your marketing department for being new to planet Earth.

Women Chest Guard

Admittedly, women have a very different physical make-up than men, and if a female participates in a sport that requires protective gear, this might come in handy. It just looks so silly.

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