Top 5 Celebrity Charity Hospital Visits

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4. Local Man Brings R2-D2 to Visit

Paul Bussiere, a help desk attendant at the Eastern Maine Medical Center, isn't a celebrity. Just a regular guy like you and me, except that his hobby is awesome and he makes us look like cold-hearted lazy bastards.

Bussiere was a fan of Star Wars, and one day he and a friend got into a discussion on how exactly R2-D2 worked. Bussiere decided to find out by building the famous robot and hero of the Rebel Alliance starting with nothing but a screwdriver and hammer. It took most of a year for him to get it right, but once he did he had a more or less perfect replication.

Then he got to thinking. His godson had passed away from cancer in the pediatric center of the very same hospital he worked at more than a decade prior to starting his hobby, and he always felt like the care his godson had received deserved some form of paying it forward. R2-D2 was the answer.

Bussiere regularly brings the Lucasfilm-authorized replica of America's favorite robotic celebrity to the hospital for special visits. His model replicates many authentic sounds of the character, and last I heard he was working on pulling off the classic holographic projection.

3. Ron Perlman Grants an Awesome Wish

Two things you need to know about six-year-old Zachary. He has leukemia, and he is a big fan of the Hellboy movies. That in and of itself is comforting because it means I'm not the only parent showing young children vastly inappropriate films for their age group, but hang on to your pectorals because your heart is about to grow three sizes.

Make-a-Wish became involved in Zachary's life and asked him what he wanted the most in the world. His answer was to meet Hellboy. Well, because of the nature of the costume you could put anyone in it and probably fulfill the wish, but that would be a mistake because I've seen Ron Perlman in person and he has no problem bitch-slapping your ass out of a cosplay get-up when there are young souls to embiggen.

Yep, Perlman insisted on undergoing the four hours it takes to transform him into Hellboy just so he could go hang out with the kid. He even got Zachary the chance to undergo the make-up process himself. So the next time you're watching Perlman crack skulls on Sons of Anarchy, remember this story.

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