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Once a week Art Attack will offer you a handy little travel guide to the fictional worlds of video games.

Name: The Velvet Room, Persona (Shin Megami Tensei) series

Population: 5 Staff Members

Government: Private club

Though the goal of the Atlas is to provide fellow video game travelers with a guide for surviving and enjoying the various game worlds should you visit, it's also on the itinerary to point out some of the best rest stops in the way. Previously we popped into the End of Time for a breather, but with the Halloween season and all, it seemed a good time to visit the Velvet Room for some lounge time and to restock my personal stash of demons.

Normally I avoid traveling through Persona because it's home to a particularly hipster douchebag version of Adolf Hitler that may or may not be an incarnation of the Elder God Nyarlathotep, but as long as you avoid the Core of Xibalba, your chances of running into the Führer are pretty low. This time, I just wanted to take in some weird David Lynchian music on a smooth environment.

The Velvet Room isn't all that easy to find, with the legend being that you have to be "worthy" to enter. I find that being "worthy" to enter places like this is usually in the $20-$50 bribe range myself. Since it's a magical domain, you have to warp there from other locations in Persona. The Mikage Sun Mall, Joy Street, Tartarus and the Paulownia Mall all have access doors leading to the pocket dimension, and it is also sometimes reachable through a mysterious limousine near the Midnight Chapel.

Regardless of how you get there, you'll be greeted with a great atmosphere once you do. The carpet is a plush purple deep enough to sink into, and the walls are adorned with bizarre geometric designs used from creating ethereal barriers for demons. Drinks are also available.

Music at the Velvet Room is one of a kind, being provided by the renowned pianist Nameless and his acclaimed soprano Belladonna. Their hit song "The Poem For Everybody's Soul" is a popular tune in the Velvet Room, and you can usually find them there serenading an audience with some of the most spiritual music outside of Handel's Messiah. If for no other reason, you should visit the Velvet Room for its uniquely spooky music. Nameless and Belladonna's CDs are available for sale, though you can also get them on Amazon for mucho dinero. (Import fees from demonic planes are at an all-time high because, you know, OBAMA.)

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