Trailer Park: Is Movie 43 Real Life? (NSFW)

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Well, I'm sold.
This week the red band -- boobs and dirty words -- trailer for Movie 43 hit the Internet, showcasing the hard and fruitful work of 12 directors and grocery list of Hollywood stars from Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Terrence Howard, Gerard Butler, Emma Stone, and Johnny Knoxville.

Movie 43 is sort of like The Kentucky Fried Movie or Amazon Women On The Moon, culling together actors, actresses, and various other creative brains to make a big mash of comedy and gross-out humor.

It's like if the Scary Movie people and Lorne Michaels decided to do away with a "plot" and pulled out a checkbook and unzipped their pants and said "Do stuff to this..." for two hours. Many of the actors seem to be making fun of the movies that pay for their houses and cars on the reg.

Having Bob Odenkirk as one of the writer/directors on the team is promising, as is seeing Emma Stone doing something funny with red hair again. Oh that's cute: Winslet's character is named Juliet Hulme. That will be interesting to me and three other people.

The film opening January 25, 2013 will either be the biggest hit of next winter and spring, or go down as a massive artistic bomb.

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BrittanieShey moderator

I LOVE Heavenly Creatures. Very underrated movie about an event that is practically unknown now.

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