Pop Rocks: Your Official 1st Presidential Debate Recap...As Seen On Twitter

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Last night's only winner.
Did you watch the debate between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney last night? You weren't alone. I'm not up on things like "ratings" or ""Nielsens" but I do know the whole shebang brought down Twitter for a little while.

And that kind of screwed me up. See, my brilliant idea was to recap the debate real-time while using the infinitely more humorous folks on Twitter to provide me with grist for my bi-weekly Pop Rocks mill. That strategy backfired when Twitter proved incapable of handling the tens of thousands of wise-asses commenting to the debate.

But by soldiering on into the wee hours, I've foiled Twitter's pitiful traffic mismanagement. The big question remains: who won? Most polls indicate Romney got the better of the President, but given that he's been discounting the polls ever since they started going against him in the swing states, does it count?

Let's see what the Twitterati had to say.

Now, I only follow about 100 people on Twitter. But in a serendipitous miracle, only about half of them are legitimately funny. The other half retweet funny stuff. .

Naturally there were plenty of people who couldn't wait until the official start of festivities.

That's a Dark Knight Returns reference, for you illiterates.

British writer Warren Ellis was also right there from the beginning.

Sensing some partisan bias. Doesn't matter, he's English.

Of course, some folks went another route:


I'll spare you the gazillion Tweets about Romney and Obama's tie colors.

There was...quite the outburst about Romney's support of so-called "clean" coal:


Whatever else happened, the backlash against Romney's plans to cut funding for PBS (which would have a negligible effect on the deficit). Roots drummer ?uestlove noted the immediate creation of a new Twitter account:


That account, of course, was this:


Meanwhile astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson brings the truth:


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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

What is this "Dark Knight Returns" movie you speak of?  Did it have Danny DeVito?


I can't believe Americans still can not smell Bull . Mitt Romney is one bad actor.


What good is a vote if you know not what you are voting for ? 



  This man  is the biggest joke i have seen in 30 years. Mitt Romney. hearing  what people are saying, tell me that a lot of Americans to not listen are understand.You are going to have people vote for a man that has told the country nothing.

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