100 Creatives 2012: Kent Dorn, Drawer, Painter, Artist

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Courtesy of the artist
Kent Dorn's mixed media on canvas painting "Dead End (Water's Edge)."
Originally from South Carolina, Kent Dorn has called Houston home since coming here for the University of Houston's MFA program in 2001. Beginning with his thesis show, Dorn's paintings and drawings have gained national recognition for both their unique narrative qualities and their distinctly gritty and dense surfaces. When he is not working away in the studio, he is either working behind the scenes at the Menil's exhibition department or happily lying low in Oak Forest.

His recent paintings and layered drawings have occupied a space in which seekers, failed mystics and drifters wander a fictional terrain in search of a revelatory experience. The New York Times described the scenes as "a mental landscape of loss and repressed grief where the promises of yesteryear hang in the air like fading echoes." Dorn admits his work is equally inspired by 1970s horror films, hippie subculture and survivalist tales, but in his hands even the dystopian environments he creates seem inhabitable.

What He Does: Dorn explains, "Recently, I've been working on large drawings, each composed by piecing together hundreds of smaller graphite drawings on tracing paper. They depict fictional terrains and scenarios inspired by books like Into the Wild, The Road and Endurance, as well as the hippie counterculture and early American landscape painting." He adds, "I also make paintings, like to play frisbee with my dog and have a day job at a museum."

What Inspires Him: Dorn tersely says, "Materials. Music. Movies."

Courtesy of the artist.
Kent Dorn
If Not This, Then What: He affirms, "I've asked myself this question more times than you can imagine and I always come to the same answer -- bored."

If Not Here, Then Where: Dorn's eyes are not wondering the horizon one bit. He asserts, "I'm not moving anytime soon."

Why He Likes It: He himself is a little baffled by his career choice, stating, "I'm not sure that I do [like it]." He elaborates, "It's more of a compulsion than a love affair."

What's Next: He has a busy and full schedule for the rest of this year and the beginning of 2013. Dorn explains, "I was recently in a group show titled Double Dirty Dozen at Freight + Volume in New York, and I'll also be in group shows in Detroit and Copenhagen around the end of the year." He also says, "Several publications will feature my work in the coming months, including New American Paintings and Gulf Coast Literary and Fine Arts Journal, which is running a phenomenal five-page spread of my work with an essay by John Beer of Art-Rated.com." Looking into 2013, he states, "Finally, I'll be included in The Return of the Subject: Contemporary Figurative Painting, a book that's being compiled by the folks at Elephant Magazine and published by Laurence King Publishing in Spring 2013."

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I would like to see more of his paintings because I am still an amateur painter Perth. I am conscious with the style of my works because I don’t think that people will like it.


I know this painter because I always browse his art pieces. I hope that Perth painters can be recognized like that also. My great grandfather’s paintings are being preserved by my parents because they want his paintings to be in a national museum.

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