Anti-Islam Film Director Alan Roberts and His Soft Core Porn Career Reviewed

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Today Gawker has reported that the film that is setting the Middle East on fire -- literally -- Innocence of Muslims, was directed by sometime softcore director Alan Roberts.

It makes The Room look like, well, The Room.

Just the mere idea of a film blaspheming the name of Islam has put dimwitted Middle Eastern extremists in a tizzy. Damn, just imagine how they would react if they saw the movies we spend money on during any given summer in America!

There can only be so many Resident Evil movies.

Perusing Mr. Roberts's IMDb profile, you will find such softcore Skinemax classics as Save Me, Young Lady Chatterley II and a few other exploitation shoot-em-ups like White Boy, Karate Cop and the Corey Feldman comedy showcase Round Trip to Heaven.

There was also 1980's The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood with Adam West and Phil Silvers, though the Hooker movies were more schlocky comedies than anything else.

The trailer for Innocence of Muslims is like something from a Tim & Eric sketch; from the echo-y audio, the wooden acting, I was almost expecting Jeff Goldblum to show up and fart out a cat. Check out the extensive use of blue screen!

How can you glean some sort of damning religious message when every amount of facial hair looks like pubes?

Anyway, Roberts's film career surely isn't boffo, and he has a few mainstream credits under his belt, but there is no way his newest Musploitation epic should be cause or an excuse for excitement.

He's really just a down-and-out sometime director on the outskirts of the C-movie universe.

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This "movie" was produced for the sole purpose of affecting the outcome of the 2012 election by inciting violence in the Middle East during the election season, and for no reason other than that.  There were no religious motivations.  It was complete political psy-ops, translated into Arabic and unleashed on September 11 to ensure a Republican win.


@HoustonPress As s all too usual, the HP article's beezy, hipster tone makes a joke of a tragedy. The film's producer wants reigious war.

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