Top 5 Sickest Stephen King Sex Scenes (NSFW)

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Stephen King is brilliant. He really is, despite being a mainstream media darling. His books are held up as some of the finest examples of modern literature, are taught in schools, and have been made into Academy Award-wining movies. Not bad for a talent written off as just a hack horror novelist in the beginning.

And yet, there is an area of the man's writing that is consistently sick and twisted, even for the guy that gave us Pennywise the Clown, and that is how he approaches sex and its depictions. He is occasionally capable of a tender scene, such when Johnny Smith and Sarah finally spend one night together in the Dead Zone, or Tommy and Sue in the backseat of his car during Carrie. He's even given us examples of fine smut such as Nadine seducing Harold in the Stand, or Rachel soothing Lou in the bathtub with a handjob after a bloody day losing a patient in Pet Semetary.

But in general, whenever sex comes up in a Stephen King novel it's usually bad news, and will probably leave you filled more with crushing lack of faith in humanity than sexual stimulation.

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5. Anal With a Handgun in The Stand

In the restored version of the Stand, the pyromaniac Trashcan Man gets a lot more exposition, especially when it comes to his journey from Powtanville, Indiana after he blows up the Cheery Oil Company, burning himself badly in the process, and his eventual arrival in Las Vegas to enter the service of Randall Flagg as a weapons procurer. Along the way he ends up the unwitting company of a young psychopath who goes by "The Kid".

The Kid lives for four things, his fast car, Pabst Blue Ribbon, well-coifed hair, and getting to Vegas to start telling Flagg what to do. His insane behavior gets him and Trash almost killed several times, but the real freak-out is when Trash wakes up one night to find a horny Kid in bed with him rubbing his wang on Trash's thigh demanding Trash jerk him off.

Hoping to get the murderous little midget settled and away from him, Trash complies, but apparently not enough to satisfy The Kid, who starts working the barrel of his gun into Trash's ass as a threat to continue the act. Against his own will, this ends up exciting Trash as well, though The Kid declines to offer any kind of reciprocity.

It's a special kind of prick that invades a man's dirt button with a loaded weapon while getting rough tugged and not even have the decency to offer a reacharound. That guy totally deserved to get eaten by wolves.

4. Electro-rape in Apt Pupil

In Apt Pupil, a preteen boy named Todd discovers a notorious Nazi war criminal living in secret in his small town. Rather than turn him in, he approaches Kurt Dussander in order to learn more about the Holocaust straight from the bastard horse's mouth, threatening him with exposure if he doesn't comply.

Dussander describes in great detail the atrocities committed in the concentration camps over the course of many years, and as Todd grows up the exposure to such inhumane cruelty begins to warp his mind into something dark and evil.

King shows Todd's first wet dream as a teenager. In it, he is an assistant to Dussander in a medical experiment involving a 16-year-old Jewish girl. Dussander orders Todd to strap on an insulated condom that delivers electric shocks from the tip. Todd uses this to rape the girl, slowly increasing the voltage until she is screaming uncontrollably before waking up covered in semen. Speaking of semen...

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What?  Not even an honorable mention for Gerald's game?  OK maybe there wasn't any sex in it, or was there?


Wow - he delved in to the myth of the Holohoax, too?  Keep repeating the lie - eventually someone will believe it...  King is such a pathetic hack.


It's Coors, not PBR that The Kid loves. Believe that, happy crappy


"His books are held up as some of the finest examples of modern literature"


By whom? Not suggesting he's not entertaining, but I've never heard him held up as high art.

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