I Fought Google's "Bacon Search" and Google Won

Kevin Bacon killed my weekend
Like every other person in the country, I was quite charmed with Google's new "Bacon number" search tool. If you didn't read the Internet this weekend, you may have missed the landslide of blog posts, news articles and the like raving over how much fun you can have finding the degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and any other actor you can come up with. According to the rules of the game, any actor can be connected to Bacon within six movies or less.

The Kevin Bacon separation concept isn't new by any means, it's been a cocktail party game for years. In fact Bacon has a charity with the name Sixdegrees.org based on the namesake. With Google's new search function, it just became much easier and much trendier, for a hot minute.

Patch.com among other sites are calling it the "Best 5-Minute Time Waster." "Touché to that," I say; this tool is the best five-hour time waster! I spent much of this weekend trying to stump the Google tool, with very little success. There has to be an actor that's more than six degrees away from Bacon, and I was on a mission to find that person.

My first approach to this conundrum was to go random. The more random the actor, I assumed, the more degrees of separation there must be. I couldn't have been more wrong.

His X-Men appearance
Raven-Symoné's Bacon number is 2

Raven-Symoné and Oliver Platt appeared in Dr. Dolittle.

Oliver Platt and Kevin Bacon appeared in X-Men: First Class.

That is so Raven of her to be connected to Bacon via Oliver Platt!

Liberace's Bacon number is 2
Liberace and Roddy McDowall appeared in The Loved One.
Roddy McDowall and Kevin Bacon appeared in The Big Picture.

I was not sure if Liberace had ever made any films, although I assumed he had scored a few. Not only was Bacon connected to Liberace by two degrees, but I also found myself wasting a good 30 minutes watching Liberace footage on Youtube. Damn you Bacon!

Since random wasn't the key to frying the Bacon (zing), I decided to go for old -- old as in dead. How could Bacon be so closely connected to a group of actors that were corpses just when he was breaking into the business? Again, I was sorely mistaken. Bacon has apparently been acting since the advent of the kinetescope.

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@mattcutts I think it's 196 actors whose network has diameter of less than 6, if I read that correctly. So not shocking actually.


@mattcutts Kevin Bacon's bacon score is 0.

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