100 Creatives 2012: Tom Stell, Actor, Writer, Director, Obsidian Art Space's Head Honcho

Tom Stell, a man of many talents
What He Does:
Tom Stell does a lot of creative things; most of them are specifically related to theater, but not all. He is a writer, director, actor and he also paints. Stell is also one of the reasons so much theater is produced in Houston; he is the Executive Director of Obsidian Art Space, which boasts a packed schedule of local theatrical performances as well as being named Houston Press' "Best New Arts Venue" of 2011.

Tom's acting and playwriting has also gotten him some street cred. He produced, directed and acted in his original full-length production Republic Day, which reviewer Jim J. Tommaney deemed "an ambitiously epic drama." Stell has acted and directed numerous works over the years, most previously in Big Head Productions' collection of shorts "And I Feel Fine."

Why He Likes It:
"Theater is the ultimate team sport," says Stell. Although he enjoys the isolated aspects to writing and painting, his juices get going when he is a part of a group of creative people who have come together to make art.

"Often people who have never been a part of theater do not realize how much creativity and problem solving go into the entire process. In every moment, actors and directors make choices about how to play a line. With every script there is just about an infinite variety of ways to put it on. Not only is each show different but every single performance is different. Every audience is a part of this same creative process. The exchange of energy between a cast and the audience is the magic of theatre."

What Inspires Him:
Like many artists, Stell is inspired by the creative process, his own and that of others.

"The dream of Obsidian Art Space," says Stell, "was to create an artistic asset for the community, a place where writers and actors could come together and make art. Co-founder Leighza Walker and I knew that if the Obsidian Art Space served the community, it would help us achieve our personal artistic dreams as well."

If Not This, Then What?
"It is difficult to imagine what I would do if I weren't in theater. Probably coaching youth sports, especially lacrosse or teaching in a more formal capacity. (I've done these on a volunteer basis on and off for years.)"

If Not Here, Then Where?
Stell doesn't want to be anywhere other than good old H-town (here, here!) and says that even though he has traveled across the world, he feels that Houston is his only home.

"I love the eclectic dynamism that drives the arts community. Every week some fresh artist has a new vision and says, "let's put on a show." The community comes together to make it a reality. It's an inspiring process. We just need more first-time theatergoers to get to the theatre."

What's Next:
"Our next step at the Art Space is to capitalize on our success to capture grants and donations so we can produce even more original works and make it even easier and less expensive for artists to achieve their dreams. Personally I want to act with more of the great directors in town. I want to write a musical and make a movie. I would like a show of my paintings at a prestigious gallery. What's cool is that all of this is possible because of the great community of artists here. In Houston you hear, 'Cool, let's do it.'"

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