Pop Rocks: Celebrities Other Than Prince Harry with Whom We'd Like to Party Naked

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Bottoms up for moderation!

Lee Harvey, you are a madman. When you stole that cow? And your friend tried to make it with the cow? I want to party with you, cowboy. - John Winger, Stripes

Bill Murray might as well have been talking about Prince Harry of Wales, the one member of the Royal Family that Countess Sophie and Fergie can all point to and go, "See? SEE? We're not that bad." Busted for smoking pot at 17, seen wearing a Nazi uniform at 20 and now photographed after apparently losing a game of "strip billiards" in a Vegas hotel with a couple of equally unclad ladies (in the game of strip billiards, everyone loses).

Really, who gives a shit? Fine, the Nazi thing was uncool, but Harry's single, phenomenally wealthy and probably has to fight eager women off with a stick (or scepter, whatever). At least he wasn't drinking absinthe out of a human skull while playing hotel-room field hockey with live puppies for pucks.

The bigger question remains: Is partying naked as fun as those '90s T-shirts made it out to be? Answer: You bet your ass it is. Doubly (or more so) when you're with like-minded folks. Seeing Harry's...unfortunate pics got me thinking: Which famous people would we like to party with sans vêtements?

First off, let's set some ground rules:

No porn stars -- Because where's the fun in that? They spend half their lives unclothed. I don't want bored people with barren souls at my naked fiesta.

No dead people -- I don't mean actual corpses...okay, we don't want those either, but we cant have dead famous people as options. There are just too many, and everyone would end up choosing Mae West.

No Charlie Sheen -- Because eww.

Kristen Bell
Her Twitter feed is hilarious, she's been in some of the best TV shows of the last decade and is great even in sub-par ones.

And then there's this:

Stephen Colbert
I know Jon Stewart gets most of the love, but Colbert is consistently nastier and -- by definition -- funnier. This may never be topped.

Maya Rudolph
My love of Rudolph is well-documented, if that one blog counts. Oh, girl, I'd play that Scorsese drinking game with you all night long.

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