Jeremy Choate, Houston Lighting Artist, Dies in Tragic Accident

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Jeremy Choate died in a hit-and-run accident at age 33.
Our sister blog Hair Balls has the official HPD report for the fatal accident.

Houston lighting artist Jeremy Choate, 33, died Sunday afternoon after a hit-and-run accident Saturday evening at I-10 and Studemont, according to reports by KHOU and CultureMap.

"The victim in this accident died this afternoon leaving behind two young daughters," Suchu Dance Artistic Director Jennifer Wood wrote in a comment on the KHOU story. "He was a loved and respected member of the Houston arts community and we are devastated."

Choate collaborated with many local groups during his career, including Theater LaB, Suchu Dance, and the Pink Ribbons Project.

Lighting was a lifelong passion for Choate. "Light is everything. It's the source for all life," he told Art Attack in an April 2011 100 Creatives interview. "There's something magical about it for me."

Choate became known for moving lighting to the center stage. In one work he described to Art Attack, "The dancers could grab the lightbulb and throw it around onstage so that they were ultimately dancing with the light."

Choate was riding a motorcycle when the accident occurred. He told Art Attack in that same interview that a motorcycle ride had inspired one of his creations:

What inspires him: The way everyday objects are lit entrances Choate. He once drew inspiration for dance lighting while cruising down I-45 at night. The streetlights were swirling shadows around his motorcycle, an effect he re-created onstage using mercury vapor lights. "We had a white floor so that the shadows, when the dancers were moving around, would have that same quality of growing in length and circling around their bodies," he says.

Facebook filled up Sunday with friends of Choate's in Houston's art community mourning his loss.

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I miss you more and more everyday Jer... This recital I have to perform will be dedicated to you xoxo


INCREDIBLE! Still no facts at all, only speculation and a fake apology. Sad that is all that was asked for and this is all that was come up with! "Oh, the inhumanity", and oh, the insensitivity, and oh, the lack of balls!!!!! Still think a law-suit should be in order!!!!! 


@backstagejobs as someone who knew JC, although briefly, I am very saddened for his family and esp his two kids...


Did he really die in a "motorcycle accident" except in the most literal sense?  He died in a DWI, hit-and-run accident.


 @ddt1 You're right. That is more clear. I'll tweak the photo caption. Thank you.

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