Angelina's New Co-star Is her 4-Year-Old, and 7 Other Celebrity Parent and Child Movies

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Angelina and Vivienne = Angienne.
It didn't take very long for the Pitt-Jolie power couple to find a way to work their highly visible family into their business of show. Little Vivienne, twin to brother Knox, is only four years old but will be appearing alongside mom in the upcoming Disney movie Maleficent. The movie, which is an alternate take on the Sleeping Beauty tale, will feature Vivienne as the young Aurora.

According to the Christian Science Monitor:

Jolie and Pitt have long said they would support their children should the tots want to go into show business one day.
Asked at last year's "Tree of Life" premiere if his kids would go into acting, Pitt told The Times and other red carpet media: "I just want them to follow their bliss. Whatever makes them happy."

It is not much of a shocker that the actress would have no problem letting her little one in movies. Jolie acted alongside her father, Jon Voight, in the movie Lookin' to Get Out and she was around seven years old. Having a legendary parent is always a good way to break into the biz. As many times as you have heard an actor or actress with a famous last name say, "I used a fake name to get the part," we all know that is a load of crap (I am talking to you, Tori Spelling).

Whether you get a part because of your parents or not, for an audience member it is always an "awww" moment when a parent and child show up in a movie together.

7. Ben and Jerry StillerJerry Stiller steals every scene he is in in the movie Zoolander, which was directed by his son Ben. Jerry Stiller plays the seemingly rotten model agent, Maury Ballstein, who assists in a plot to brainwash Zoolander (Ben Stiller) into assassinating the Malaysian Prime Minister. In the end, the fatherly love shines through and Ballstein redeems himself. I wonder how difficult it was to be directed by your son, who probably learned everything he knows from you?

6. Will and Jaden SmithIn The Pursuit of Happyness, Smith and son play the roles of poor-guy-turn-rich-guy Chris Gardner and his son -- not too much of a stretch for the two. Although mini-Smith had a cameo in Men in Black II, which also starred his pops, this film was his debut in a starring role. I'm sure these two Smiths will be working together again soon enough, but hopefully none of it will involve rapping.

5. Tatum and Ryan O'NealYou would never suspect that the adorably precocious Tatum, who starred alongside father Ryan in the 1973 classic film Paper Moon, would turn into such a hot mess of an adult. That being said, this movie is about a young girl and her father-figure, who she may or may not have an odd romantic-based attachment to, and their adventures in robbing old ladies.

4. Charlie and Martin SheenThe father-and-son team appeared as father and son in the Oliver Stone hit Wall Street. The two are like night and day; Carl (Martin Sheen) is a respectable and honest blue-collar worker while son Bud (Charlie Sheen) is a power-hungry stockbroker who wants the finer things in life. What is so lovely about their relationship is that, in the end, Bud defies the riches he so desired and sticks with his good old dad, his morals intact. Wonder if the real Charlie Sheen would choose the same path of righteousness?

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