Reviews for the Lazy Gamer: Heroes of Ruin

Categories: Gaming

Game: Heroes of Ruin

Platform: 3DS

Publisher/Developer: Square Enix/n-Space

Genre: RPG

Describe This Game in Three Words: MMORPG in miniature

Plot Synopsis: The city of Nexus has always been under the protection of a powerful sphinx. One day, an evil curse lays the sphinx low, and now a brave band of mercenaries must venture out in search of the cause.

Up Up: Confession time...I have not to this point played any RPG that involved interacting with other people. No, not even Final Fantasy XI. My brother didn't finish high school; he got so addicted to Everquest that I've treated the online play RPG genre as if it were crack rock...with a lot more people calling you "gaylord" involved. I assume, I've never associated with crack dealers.

Still, the connectivity features of the 3DS have really served to draw me out of my shell with the occasional game of Tekken or Mario Tennis. This is the first time that I've dared to actually talk to others, though, and Heroes of Ruin was the perfect introduction for those who might have been avoiding the scene like I was.

You start off with four class choices, Vindicator (Paladin), Gunslinger (Rogue/Archer), Alchitect (Mage) and Savage (Berserker). The characters are fairly customizable, but not overwhelmingly so, enabling you to get right into the action. I chose a Gunslinger named Mr. Shooty myself.

The gameplay is similar to Diablo III, an action RPG where you control the attacks directly. Having recently lamented the way that modern console RPGs force you through an impenetrable web of instructions, it was nice to have a game that turns you loose almost immediately.

And turn you loose it does. Within moments you're shooting down barriers, rescuing kidnapped townsfolk and otherwise doing due worship to Inconsequencia, the Goddess of Sidequests. Other players join you seamlessly, and I couldn't believe how natural it became to speak into the microphone with simple instructions such as, "Dead end this way" and "Okay, this thing is drinking my milkshake. Help!"

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