Ex-Goddess Bree Olson Tries Her Hand at Music with "Hollywood Douchebag" (NSFW)

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Bree Olson, former porn star and ex-Charlie Sheen girlfriend and goddess, is now trying her hand at music with the song "Hollywood Douchebag" (pairing up with producer Mike Gonsolin), which just hit iTunes and Olson's official YouTube account today. Judging by her Twitter feed, she and Gonsolin appear to be dating. They also wrote and produced the lyrics and music to "Douchebag" together.

The glossy cut, a scathing and club-ready indictment of female and male douchebags in Hollywoodland, features Olson and Gonsolin trading off lines about pills, gold diggers, fake tits and clubbing. Olson and Gonsolin have a Ke$ha and Eminem thing going on, if we can say so ourselves.

The video features a bevy of porn talent, including one of Sheen's old friends and very active porn star Alexis Ford, featured as the porntagonist douchette. The level and buoyancy of the talent in the music video -- plus Ford tweeting while getting it doggystyle -- push it into NSFW territory.

The last Olson video appearance around these parts was for a Kony 2012 campaign clip in March, which seems like six million years ago in social media time.

Love is hard, even for Hollywood douchebags.

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whaaaatt?  a cute girl on this site?  couldn't shoe in a bunch of burning-man or houston pride freaks?  bravo!


too bad Beavis and Butthead are not around to rate this video.

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