Pop Rocks: Five Things Comic-Con Needs to Fix If It's Ever Going to Make It

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Sweet! A Mrs. Fields cart!
As the ten of you who read the recaps may know, I was in San Diego last weekend for the 2012 Comic-Con. Martinis were consumed, Lou Ferrigno was observed in his natural habitat and we managed to talk our way out of $24 parking fees twice thanks to indifferent attendants.

It was my inaugural experience at the event, and though I've been to a few comic book and/or gaming conventions in my times, this scrappy West Coast up-and-comer intrigued me. I think it really has a chance to succeed, if it takes care of a few glaring problems.

5. People Complaining About the Weather
Thursday, when I flew into town, the humidity was hovering around 40 percent, with a temperature in the upper 70s. The waitress at the [outdoor] bar where I met my friend Dave apologized for the lousy weather. And was serious. She was echoed several times by (usually multilayered-black clothing-wearing) Con-goers complaining it was "too hot" to wait outside, where the mercury registered a blistering 80 degrees in the sun.

I was actually shivering when I took this.
I had to be restrained on more than one occasion from peeling my clothes off and sprinting through the Gaslamp district, cackling like a man who's escaped Houston summer for four days.

4. Not Enough Slave Leias
If the number of Princess Leias in bikinis is the gold standard by which these conventions must measure themselves, then I'm Ron Paul. Imagine my chagrin at only chancing across a handful of these beauties at Comic-Con.

Darth Maul is unimpressed by the prospect of Mark Hamill autograph tickets.

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