7 Of the Strangest Vending Machine Items

4. Gold Bullion
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You never know when the entire economy is just going to completely collapse and we will be forced to go back to the gold standard. So you might as well stock up on gold bullions while you still can and why not get them in the most convenient way possible, from a vending machine!

3. A Vibrating Ring

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Condoms are commonplace when it comes to vending machines, and rightfully so. Being in need of a rubber when you least expect it is nothing new. What is odd is being in need of a vibrating ring when you least expect it. The vibrating ring naturally falls under the umbrella of sex toy, and who so desperately needs a sex toy on a 24-hour basis? Maybe I am running with the wrong circles of people?

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I saw the words "Travel Pussy," and then I saw some words under that in German, and the first part didn't seem so strange

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