5 Most Overrated Statues of All Time

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Unlike these overrated lists...

5 Most Overrated Paintings of All Time

5 Most Overrated Photos of All Time

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...ranking the five most overrated statues of all time is a bit trickier.

To keep it uniform, we didn't include works such as when some guy thought it would be a good idea to carve the mugs of former U.S. Presidents into the side of a mountain.

Abstract pieces aren't on here either.

What made the cut? Michelangelo and a baby who can't control his little baby bladder.

5. Alexandros of Antioch's Venus de Milo
It's definitely stunning, but this ancient Greek statue, found at Milos Island by a peasant in 1820, suffers from the same tourist-fueled fate as its museum-mate The Mona Lisa: Folks from all over spend thousands of bucks to get to Paris's Musée du Louvre and pack the crap out of the areas around the statue and da Vinci's painting.

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Gaspar Ramsey
Gaspar Ramsey

 You're right about the Rodin Museum. Did you go inside and happen to see the anatomically correct torso of the lady caught mid-leap? Three thousand years of female sculpture and Rodin is the first to bring labia into play.


Though The Thinker isn't my favorite Rodin statue, walking through the Rodin Museum in Paris is what made me finally "get" sculpture. The way he was able to depict things below the surface (e.g. muscle tension) is amazing to me. And I could pore over his Gates of Hell for hours.

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