100 Creatives 2012: Nisha Gosar, Indian Classical Dancer

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What She Does: Nisha Gosar is an Indian classical dancer and a Bollywood dancer. She's been interested in Indian classical dancing all her life, and would stand in the back of her older sister's class mimicking the steps as a little girl. She started off studying with Rathna Kumar, artistic director of Anjali School of Dance, before moving on to learn from Padmini Chari, artistic director of Nritya School of Dance. She performs all over Houston, especially at the International Festival.

Gosar became interested in Bollywood as a teenager. Starting in 2011 she started doing Bollywood dancing professionally with Hybrid Rhythms, founder Anu Srivastav. The professional troupe, perform at wedding receptions, private parties, and local events in Houston as well. She also teaches dance with students ranging from the age of three to adults.

Why She Likes It: "The main things I like about dancing are the fact that I feel free like a bird and I have the ability to express myself in other ways besides using words. I am using expressions and body movements to really feel connected with the audience and they give me compliments on my dancing. I also like dancing because it is a good way to escape from the outside world and have time to myself though I dance with other people. Dancing is my de-stresser!"

What Inspires Her: "What really inspires my art in dancing is my family. They have always supported me when it comes to dancing. My family always attended performances that were in the Houston area. The smiles they got on their faces and the support system I had when I finished my Bharata Natyam Arangatram and when I got a job with Hybrid Rhythms was the best feeling I had inside. I love my family and they are the ones that inspire me to continue to be a dancer."

If Not This, Then What: Outside of dancing Gosar enjoys painting and photography.

If Not Here, Then Where: "If I didn't have dance in the Houston area, I would want to be a traveling dancer. Of course that is a huge dream, but I think it would be a very interesting experience myself to travel and for society and show this type of artwork and expand their knowledge of the Indian culture."

What's Next: Though dancing is her passion, Gosar is currently studying nursing. "My parents have always told me I have a big heart so what better way to help those in need especially in the hospitals."

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