New Photo Contest: Re-create Your Favorite Local Work of Art

Harriet wildlflowers small.jpg
A few weeks ago, while hiking near White Oak Bayou, my daughter Harriet picked a bouquet of this year's astoundingly abundant wildflowers. I snapped the photo above and posted it to Facebook.

A day or so later, a commenter pointed out the resemblance to one of the most beloved paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts: William-Adolphe Bouguereau's "The Elder Sister."
I showed the painting to Harriet, whose first comment was "Hey, that girl looks like me!"

She does, a little bit, and there is a similar composition to my picture and Bouguereau's painting, though the idyllic French master did not include the Shepherd overpass and a McDonald's billboard in his work, so mine is totally way better than his.

Anyway, it got us thinking about a fun photo contest:

The Elder Sister small.jpg
You, the art-loving photographers of Houston, are challenged with re-creating your favorite painting in Houston.

It wouldn't have to be a literal reproduction: "inspired by" or "after [artist's work]" are not just acceptable but encouraged. Just send us your picture and image of the work that inspired it.

The work must hang on the walls of a public museum or gallery in Houston. Here's a great place to get some ideas going....

Have fun and happy shooting....

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Sarah Hirsch
Sarah Hirsch

I've always loved that painting in the museum, mostly because the girl's expression so clearly doesn't look anything like a girl's expression.  She's almost creepily aware that you're looking at her.  Add to that the ultra-casual posture and the large scale of the painting, and suddenly I find myself not really wanting to look at the painting anymore, but forced to anyway.  

But it might just be me...


well, how cool is that! great idea...and i know there are lots of talented folks out there who'll be snapping away!

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