Logan Keslar Returns to Houston for La Cage aux Folles

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Photo by Margaret Downing
Logan Keslar performs in heels, unless he gets to fill in as the son in La Cage aux Folles.
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For one and a half to two hours before every performance -- except when he gets to sub in as the son -- Logan Keslar gets himself together, shaving away every trace of his beard and putting on a heavy cover of makeup before he wiggles into his hose, adjusts his wig, steps into his heels.

It's all part and parcel of being an ensemble member in the national tour of La Cage aux Folles, which Theatre Under the Stars is bringing to the Hobby Center next week.

Kesler, who grew up in Liberty, Texas, and graduated from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, where he was in the dance department, moved to New York City right after high school graduation in 2005. Within two weeks he had his Equity card. He credits the TUTS' Humphries School of Musical Theatre with teaching him how to audition as well as helping him make connections with agents and casting directors.

Learning to dance in heels has been interesting, he says. When he fills in as an understudy for the son's role in the story of two gay parents who pretend to be straight to impress the parents of their son's fiancée, he gets a break. "I'm not in heels and I don't have to do all the dance numbers," he told Art Attack.

He did the show on Broadway, working with Kelsey Grammer in the Georges role (for which Grammer got a Tony nomination). He's now working with George Hamilton in that role, while Christopher Sieber, who also played Georges on Broadway, moves to the Albin role.

"I really love the message of La Cage, that of family and unconditional love," Keslar said.

The TUTS production of La Cage aux Folles runs April 24 to May 6 at the Hobby Center, 800 Bagby. For ticket information, call 713-558-8887 or go to the theater's website.

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going tomorrow and excited


Not to take anything away from Logan Keslar, but the production itself is horrible.  This is the third time I have seen a touring cast, and it was by far the worst.  To begin with, the orchestra is pared to just a handful of performers, not nearly enough to give the music the rich texture befitting a musical.  Of those, some of the players technique and pitch were so far off that it sounded like a 7th grade band.  Seriously, somebody kill the trumpet and clarinet players (there were only one of each).  This staging has only six dancer/singers as part of the La Cage cabaret cast--making for a pathetic showing rather than the spectacle it should have been.  And finally there is George Hamilton's "singing".  OMG...hope you get the understudy if you ever see this mess.  I have never heard anyone so off-key in a professional show before.  Truly beyond belief.  The one bright spot in this mess was Christopher Sieber, playing Albin.  Good voice and a whole new take on the character.  A very interesting and amusing performance.

On the whole, I would say skip this show, and hope that someday there is a LEGITIMATE revival tour that is worth seeing.  This one is not.

Roy Ster Seven
Roy Ster Seven

couldn't be prouder....but HumPHREYS and what, bookwriter Harvey Fierstein who Logan also played with is not worth mentioning? hhhrrrrrrmpph

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