Don't Mess with Oprah: 5 Best Oprah Smackdowns

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and if that woman is Oprah Winfrey, you are totally screwed. The latest fool to try and mess with Oprah is the always-classy Bill O'Reilly. Last week on his show, O'Reilly slammed the Lady O for comments that she made in regards to the Trayvon Martin case.

Oprah was quoted as saying in an interview with Extra that "It is a tragedy and it is a shame that we're sitting here 33 days later and there hasn't been an arrest..."

Oprah's comments are neither odd coming from her nor in the minority. Plenty of people have come out with similar sentiments. However, O'Reilly took her remarks as an opportunity to make some noise. On his own program, O'Reilly noted:

"Ms. Winfrey saying that there hasn't been a questioning of what happened is simply absurd, and I'm surprised at her," he said. "Oprah's usually responsible and fair in her assessments. ...Her intentions are usually good. Not on this one."

He said that the Florida legal authorities were investigating and knew a lot more than Oprah did about the case.

Of course the investigators on the case know a lot more than Oprah, but Mr. O'Reilly, do you know who you are starting with? As of the timing of this post, Oprah has yet to retaliate, but we won't be surprised if she does. We don't know many people who would have the balls to call Oprah "absurd," but they should be warned, she will counterattack.

Oprah has never shied away from a brawl, most of the times she incites them herself. Here are our top five favorite Oprah fights.

5. Oprah vs. Ivania Vanzant
Ivania Vanzant was almost a household name akin to Drs. Oz and Phil. She could have been bigger than Suze Orman and Rachael Ray combined, but then she did the unthinkable. In the late '90s Vanzant was a staple on The Oprah Winfrey Show, dispensing "hard-hitting" relationship advice to a trusting audience. She came up around the same time as many of Oprah's now famous protégées. According to Oprah, Vanzant was offered a contract by a rival producer and tried to play hardball.

Oh no she di'int! Rather than countering with a better offer, Oprah's producer told her "it wasn't working out," and Vanzant disappeared from the royal court. Eventually, she was let back in Oprah's good graces but not for over a decade. Bad idea. Bad.

4. Oprah vs. Kim Kardashian

Cat fight!

After the earthquake in Haiti, many celebrities made the journey down to show some love. One year after the fact, reality show princess Kim Kardashian did the torn country a huge favor and went for a visit. This "just happened" to coincide with a very public and damaging divorce.

Oprah called B.S. on Kim's trip, saying it was just a "publicity stunt," and nothing at all like the trip Oprah made a year prior to tape a special for the OWN network. Nothing like that at all. Regardless, Kim was forced to make several public statements against Oprah, telling the world that the only shopping she did in Haiti was in an effort to boost the economy.

3. Oprah vs. Whoopi Goldberg
Sometimes you can be in a fight with Oprah and have no idea why. Sometimes you can be in a fight with Oprah and she has no idea why, either. Regardless, tears will be shed. This was the case between Oprah and fellow The Color Purple actor Whoopi Goldberg. For whatever reason, the ladies had beef, yet neither one of them could tell you why.

After years of unknown animosity, Goldberg confronted the Big O, who responded that she was as confused by the cold shoulder as anyone else. Apparently nothing was wrong the entire decade that the two "didn't have" any issues with each other. So as not to keep this non-argument a secret, Oprah invited Whoopi on her show for the two to hug nothing out.

2. Oprah vs. Texting While Driving
We warned you not to mess with Oprah. When Oprah tells you not to do something, you listen. If you text and drive, Oprah will hunt you down and mock you on her Twitter feed.

1. Oprah vs. James Frey
In 2005, Oprah graciously anointed author James Frey and his tale of drug and alcohol abuse, A Million Little Pieces, into her book club. The memoir went best-seller and Oprah had done her part to the literate public. Several months later, the book showed up on The Smoking Gun Web site as a total fabrication.

Oprah was nothing less than pissed. She invited Frey back onto her show to drill him on every little fact in the book and blasted him for making her look like a liar to her beloved audience. Frey was helpless against the media giant and his publisher made him say sorry to the millions of people he duped with a written apology inserted into every book sold. Don't lie to Oprah, ever.

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the kolor burple
the kolor burple

I picked up a Million Little Pieces long before Oprah anointed it. And I promptly put it down after about 50 pages. Complete rubbish that had been done so much better and so many times before by actual authors. Not surprising Oprah deemed it a masterwork. It was pure pablum for the masses and hardly a work that could be considered "literature," even in the broadest sense of the word.


Whoopie coaches and appears along side her then boyfriend while he performs race gags in black face THEN wonders what Oprah might be miffed about. Hmm, go figure.


Yes, yes, now time for a nap and then later, if you're good and stay out of grown folks conversation, maybe a cookie.

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