Top 5 Farts in Video Game History with Video Evidence of He Who Dealt It

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Fable 3

The Fable series is all about what happens if you let players decide whether to be virtuous heroes or strutting bastards in need of a swift elbow to the jaw. Guess which one usually happens. Farting has been something you could do since day one, but Fable 3 made it powerful enough to knock the subject unconscious. This is considered an evil act, by the way, though we hope you knew that.


The Oddworld series really needs to come back, maybe on the 3DS where its puzzle interface would really shine. In addition to helpful abilities, Abe could also pass gas on command, which mostly did nothing except elicit a cheap laugh. As you can see in the video, though, dedicated fart strategists could set up situations for even greater comic effect, or even use them to kill their friends.

Chaos's Fart of Fury

In Primal Rage, Chaos was the god of decay, and there hasn't been a filthier character since. His projectile weapon was vomit, and he used the Fart of Fury to launch a cloud of incapacitating gas. That's not even the horrible part. See, if you got hit with the gas, he got to beat you without retaliation, which means he was probably going to win. If he did win, you could be hit with the most disgusting fatality ever.

Best-case scenario, Chaos doesn't do anything to you but make you watch him puke, and re-ingest the vomit. If you were truly unfortunate he knocked you down and urinated a stream of acid of you. Seriously.

If you only ever played the SNES version, you never had to see that because Nintendo had Chaos's move set so censored it would've made more sense to just leave him out entirely. If you performed the input for the golden shower fatality, you got an actual censor symbol. This was a recurring problem with fighting games on the SNES. It was like dating the hottest girl in school, but she'd let you hit all the bases but never home plate.

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