Top 5 Farts in Video Game History with Video Evidence of He Who Dealt It

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16th Century German peasants fart at the Pope while he holds a burning Bible.
Everyone farts. Even that virginal cheerleader you had the crush on in high school began her day with a triumphant blast of her trumpet. It's a fact of life as stinky and socially irrelevant as The Facts of Life, and to us modern hepcats we can't see anyone making a big deal out of it.

But (ha ha) farts have had an uphill climb to gain mainstream acceptance. George Carlin famously added the term to his trademark list of dirty words that you were not allowed to say on television, and for a long time he was right. There was little flatulence heard or discussed on network television. In 1957, an episode of Leave It to Beaver involved a heavy round of propriety discussion over just showing a toilet tank, so it's understandable that society has taken awhile to just enjoy a good fart. Nowadays farts are on rise, and even video games have gotten in on the act.

Kuma's Fart Combo

There's an age-old question about bears and whether or not they do their dirty, sinful bear business in the woods. That's a question for another time, but we can tell you without any doubt that a bear doesn't fart in the woods. In Street Fighter X Tekken, Kuma uses his picnic-basket powered toots as the final hit in his hyper combo.

Wario Waft

In Super Smash Brothers, Wario's fart attack is not a joke. Half-charged it's super fast, and very powerful. We could've showed it to you in action, but we thought his introduction video sold it much better. Wario's Waft has been studied in more absolutely ridiculous detail than Obama's birth certificate, and here's a page to prove it.

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