Get Your Live Blog on for the Oscars This Sunday

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Yeah, it's like that.
This Sunday, February 26, is the 84th annual Academy Awards and Art Attack has you covered before and after the ceremony. But what about during? How are you supposed to make it through all three hours (plus the red carpet) with nothing to do but stare at your TV and play the Billy Crystal drinking game -- take a shot every time he says something completely unfunny, insuring you'll be hammered by 9 p.m.?

For that matter, what if you are trapped in the Arctic Circle with nothing but an Internet connection and you just have to know what Rooney Mara is wearing? Don't you worry, girlfriend, I've got you covered.

Beginning with the live red carpet coverage at 6 p.m. featuring Robin Roberts (ESPN Robin Roberts???) and Tim Gunn, who will no doubt make it work, I'll be live-blogging the whole gold-covered, glitter-sprinkled ball of crazy that is Oscar night in America.

So, to quote Bette Davis in All About Eve (which won six golden statues and earned Davis a nomination for best actress), "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night."

See you then!

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