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Mushroom Necklace
Dusty Peterman and William Keihn, the two artists that make up Mushroom Necklace, have no issues with telling their audience to take a long walk off a short pier, but with more colorful four-letter words. Don't take it personally, it matches the theme and feel of the artwork they produce. "Hate Expo," their latest collection of work, can be viewed at Domy Books through March 15.

"Hate Expo" feels like a play on words, as do most of the duo's pieces. The collection features silk-screened prints, many of which resemble music posters or promotional fliers, but they smack you in the face. One poster invites you to the "Drug Street Festival," where "no sandals are allowed," while another appears to be a flyer for the "Loser Bar," where "bad luck awaits you" and, not so subliminally, advises you to end it all.

Mushroom Necklace
The posters are clever and engaging, begging the audience to look again to be sure of what they had just read. One that stood out at first appeared to be a band flyer for the Beatles performing alongside another band named "Make Me Sad." Read quickly, the meaning has changed.

Mushroom Necklace
The posters hang on the walls of Domy haphazardly with Duct tape and pushpins, which, again, seems to be Mushroom Necklace's shtick. Their work is meaningless, but everything is meaningless. Rather than saying, "Why bother," though, the two artists have shoved "Why bother" in our faces by creating this thought-provoking collection. We are glad they bothered.

"Hate Expo" a collection of prints by Mushroom Necklace, is on view at Domy Books, 1709 Westheimer, 713-523-3669, through March 15. Free.

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