5 Oddly Positive Acts by Spider-Man Villains

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A little while back we explored the world of Batman's rogue gallery, and the occasional good deed they managed to do while still being dangerously psychotic. Since Spider-Man also has a new movie coming out this year, it seemed like the perfect time to check and see if the Wallcrawler's antagonists also have a softer side.

Turns out that they do... although you should always remember that pretty much every bad guy Spider-Man has ever faced has been outwitted by a teenager in red tights. Consequently, they tend to be a kind of stupid lot. Still, it's the thought that counts.


In Spider-Man's world, all you have to do to gain superpowers is combine a horrifying industrial accident with radiation, which for some reason spent several decades as comic book-speak for magic. That's how Maxwell Dillon became Electro, a living bolt of electricity that is usually defeated by hurling a bucket of water at him. He's been a longtime foe of Spider-Man, including being a member of several Sinister Six groups.

Even though Dillon happily seized control of New York's power supply at least twice, he does draw a line somewhere. There was a group recently called the Bastards of Evil, claiming to be made up of the forgotten offspring of supervillains. Among them was a girl named Aftershock who said she was Electro's daughter.

The Bastards of Evil detonated a huge explosion at Ground Zero, causing the deaths of thousands of bystanders. Electro makes it a point to publicly condemn the Bastards for such an abhorrent act of terrorism. He also points out that his origin can easily be looked up on the Internet, and the timing makes it impossible for him to have a daughter Aftershock's age. Good to know that even the supervillains make a stand against terrorism occasionally.


Vincent Stegron worked with Dr. Curt Connors in studying dinosaur DNA. When Connors turned himself into the Lizard, Stegron thought, "Challenge Accepted." Using a variation on the same procedure, he became a dinosaur man, as well as proof that at some point comic book writers just steal ideas from their children's drawings stuck on the refrigerator.

Most of Stegron's plots involve trying to change mankind into beings like himself, which we have to admit is pretty awesome. He's understandably powerful, but beneath those bony plates there beats a tender heart.

In addition to terrorizing oil companies illegally drilling in the Savage Land, Stegron went on a sacred quest to save Devil Dinosaur. The last of the Tyrannosaurs had fallen into a catatonic depression when S.H.I.E.L.D. took his human companion Moon-Boy into custody. Stegron mounted a brutal attack on S.H.I.E.L.D., desperate to preserve Devil Dinosaur as he was the last of his kind. Eventually, Stegron's motive became known, and even though he was arrested for his rampage, Moon-Boy was reunited with his pal, who recovered completely.

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 That is weird to put spider-man with those manticores there, really don't read like a good story.

Classic Rock Bob
Classic Rock Bob

Devil Dinosaur! Jack Kirby's last great '70s Marvel gasp (I'm not counting Machine Man....). I remember seeing issue #1 on the stands and buying ever one in the short run. Damn, I'm old....


I'm reminded of a Frank Miller, (before he went total neo-facist creepy) Daredevil, where Gladiator can no longer muster the will to fight, even to defend himself. It was fantastic commentary on reform and redemtion. Good article, J_one_F.


You're old? I remember the Godzilla tie-in. Don't get me started on the Rom comics. Micronauts, yesh.

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