Kindle Goes Solar, But Leaves the Fire in the Dark

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A new product for the Kindle family of e-readers has hit the market, but sorry Kindle Fire owners, it's not for you. The new SolarKindle Lighted Cover is for the Kindle 4. The front of the cover is a solar-panel and reports are that as little as one hour in the sun will give you three days of reading power. The cover also includes a built-in pop-up light so you can read in the dark.

It looks practical enough, not too delicate, not too clunky, and we're all about solar power, but guess what? We don't care. We have a Kindle Fire and the Lighted Cover doesn't work on Fires.

There are other solar powered re-chargers on the market, of course. There's the $263 Outdoor Portable Traveling Solar Charger. It's a trio of solar strips in camouflage patterned tubes. Very macho. Like the SolarKindle, it won't work on the Fire, but does work on a couple of other versions of Kindle as well as the iPod, and several cell phones.

Not that we're picky or anything, but we're going to wait on a solar charger designed for the Fire and only the Fire. As much as we've spent on books and movies over the last couple of months, we're not going to turn our Fire over to just any old charging station, no matter how green the technology.

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Kindle Wizz
Kindle Wizz

My husband and I love our new Kindle Fire.  It's lightweight, easy to use and has a great interface.  The first thing I recommend anyone with a new Kindle do is install the nook app.  We got our instructions from through google.   It basically unlocks all the Android marketplace apps and unlocks the device.  I am one very happy Kindle owner!

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