12 Celebrity Chinese Zodiac Signs Explain All

This week the Chinese community parties hard to celebrate its Lunar New Year. The Chinese New Year is spread out over a 15-day period and the Houston version is jam packed with traditional merriment. Two thousand twelve marks the year of the Dragon, which is said to be one of the most fortunate years. Yahoo! Maybe the Dragon can bring some of that good luck to the country's employment rate.

The Lunar Calendar is based on the cycles of the moon and counts years in phases of a 60-year period. Each year is marked by one of 12 animals or zodiac symbols. There are various stories of how the 12 signs originated, but like other astrological stories, nothing can be 100 percent confirmed. Remember, we are talking about astrology here.

We love astrology and convince ourselves anytime we read our horoscopes that, "Oh my God, this is so totally true! I am like that." The Chinese symbols are a bit different from your standard zodiac fare. Each animal has its own personality traits and if you are born under that sign, you may have some of those characteristics yourself.

How accurate are the Chinese zodiac signs? We've paired each animal up to a corresponding celebrity to see if there is a match. You see for yourself.

The Rat: Ben Affleck


Apparently people born in the year of the Rat are perfectionists. They cross every "t" and dot every "i," which gives them a leg-up on the competition. In Affleck's last flick, The Town, he starred, directed, produced, we wouldn't even be surprised if he also catered the movie. Perfectionist? Yeah, could be.

Rats can also get gossipy at times; they like to chat it up, have a ton of energy and are often the center of social circles. If this scene from Good Will Hunting says anything about Affleck (because he "wrote" it for himself), then this sign is right on.

The Ox: Barack Obama


Apparently people born under the sign of the Ox have a tremendous level of self-confidence. They are leaders who in turn build confidence in others. They are the "yes we can" types of people that are able to lead millions of followers to "yes we can" right back. Sound like any current president you may have heard of? Oxes are also stubborn. They veto most things that they don't agree with.

The Tiger: Tom Cruise


Vibrant, imposing and exasperating, Tigers are free spirits but very defensive of their property, especially if that property is Katie Holmes. Tigers are commanding types, but they have internal debates and cannot seem to ever make up their minds. A leading man, a crazy couch-jumper, a quiet family type, an over-the-top "watch me" guy, good sense of humor, fanatic Scientologist; this is Tom Cruise.

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