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Four lucky winners were chosen for The Divide swag. The first-place winner, Jennine L., receives a full-sized film poster signed by star Michael Biehn and a four pack of horror videos by Anchor Bay Studios (the unrated director's cut of Hatchet; the unrated 2010 version of I Spit on Your Grave; the original 1978 dIrector's cut of I Spit on Your Grave, a.k.a. Day of the Woman; and Cyrus, Mind of a Serial Killer).

Second-place winner David H. receives a signed and numbered graphic poster of The Divide, a graphic novelette and survival rations. Third- and fourth-place winners Alexander B and Madeline T. receive a graphic novelette and survival rations.

Three readers, Ron O., Justin D. and Lisa J., win copies of the new The Woman DVD.

Keep reading Art Attack for more prizes and giveaways.

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Jennine Larkin
Jennine Larkin

Your not the only one wondering. I entered The Divide Swag becausse I love anything with Michael Biehn. And was praying that I won the grand prize too. I've never meet anyone who spelled there name the same as me and had the same last initial, but I haven't recieved anything yet either.

Ronald Oliver
Ronald Oliver

I had entered 'The Woman' DVD Giveaway by submitting my email entry...I'm wondering did I win a copy or is that someone else with the same name and last initial??  Thanks! It would be great news if it's me!! :-)



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