Trailer Park: The Dark Knight Rises Reveals a Very Occupy-y Message

So Bane, whaddya bench?
Today the official trailer for next July's The Dark Knight Rises dropped online, revealing way more about the film than the shoddy bootleg video we saw last week of the few minutes of footage shown in IMAX theaters this week. Today's trailer reveals more about the storyline, including a pronounced rich-versus-poor slant, and what seems to be a way more emotionally aggressive film to come next summer. The ghost of Heath Ledger isn't lingering around this one, just the demise of all that Gotham City elite finds holy, and their masked, flawed crime-fighter.

In the course of filming this past fall, director Christopher Nolan was rumored to be using actual Occupy crowds in New York City for the film, but he ended up just feeding off the energy of the movement, it seems, creating a very prescient, topical tone in the trailer. As headlines will begin blaring, "Batman/Bruce Wayne Is The 1%" and everything Bane, hell even Ledger's Joker, too, represents is the downtrodden, maligned working class of Gotham.

Okay, that's too much brainpower expended for such a nerd-bonering trailer. The images of the football field collapsing alone will be worth the $35 tickets -- ha! -- at the theater next summer. Did we mention there is an icy, pissy Anne Hathaway lurking, and Wayne and Alfred bearded and in prison?

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So Bain leads the masses to a park where they promptly begin their evil plan of sitting around and surfing the net while not showering or looking for work?


Yes it does! This trailer looks great!

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