The 10 Most Popular Art Attack Posts of 2011

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Mark Hamill will always be Luke Skywalker to us.
Looking back at the most popular posts this year on Art Attack is almost like looking back at the memes and pop culture memories that shaped 2011. A cultural zeitgeist, if you will. We'll always remember the time we found out Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't the good guy action hero we grew up with, and when we discovered that porn stars post nekkid pictures of themselves on their Twitter and Tumblr profiles. This year, you guys were super into video games and B-list actors. Oh yeah, and nudity. Lots and lots of nudity.

10. 5 Actors Who are Never, Ever Going to Get Their Due -- Look, America worships its actors, both the stars and the underdogs. The former shine brilliantly as proof of the American dream of fame and fortune. The latter we hold dear as guardians of secret brilliance the masses are too sheeplike to ever understand the genius of. Still, there are some who are just continually going to get the shaft no matter how gifted they are.

9. The Best (Worst?) Pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger Ever -- Remember when we found out that the governor fathered a child ten years ago with a household maid that his family had hired.

8. Five Capcom Characters You Won't See in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 -- Most of the characters mentioned here are actually pretty damn awesome. It's just that for one reason or another, they will never see the light of day again.

7. Defending Nicolas Cage -- We remember Cage and James Caan in Honeymoon in Vegas with Sarah Jessica Parker, back when she was still massively attractive, and not the boner-killing shrew from Sex and the City.

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