Miley Cyrus Smokes Weed! Pot Party in the USA!

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OMG y'all, Miley Cyrus smokes weed, according to this video from the multimillionaire pop and TV star's 19th birthday party last Wednesday. Okay, she's not really a music star, but that whole Hannah Montana dual personality stuff was pretty popular.

Truth be told, we think Cyrus has more than earned the right to be a pothead, considering her rich family disastory and the money she has in the bank. Wouldn't you want to get stoned and fly to Italy on a whim if you could? Jesus, all I can do is drink a six-pack of Shiner Cheer and drive to Pearland to steal paper plates from parents' pantry.

Of course there was this video last year of her smoking salvia until her gums blew up, which surprised and shocked no one, and more than likely led to a few young girls Tumbling stoned. The case can be made that Cyrus's reality is already disjointed enough that a toke or two -- do people still say toke? -- evens out her mental playing field. If your father is Billy Ray Cyrus and your mother once made it with Bret Michaels...

In other Cyrus news, she's jumped on the current Occupy Wherever celebrity bandwagon and remixed her song "Liberty Walk" and released a video with clips from Occupy protests. No matter where your loyalties lie with the OWS movement, you have to admit this video is unintentionally funny, or maybe she cut it while she was high as shit.

"Like when the song gets loud and the music gets all "guh-guh-guh" like dubstep put the fire people in it. And have jump cuts like MTV and stuff."

The lyrics to "Liberty Walk" seem to be about shaking off high school haters and mean boys more than corporate marauders and banking bad guys who are enslaving us all.

When I think of fire, pepper spray, beating pregnant women in the streets and police brutality, I have always thought of Miley Cyrus. I mean, have you ever seen The Last Song? Some would say that her motive was admirable, but I think we are just going to see more of this big-name pandering in the next few months. Come on, Kanye West at OWS? It's not like you will ever see Susan Sarandon take a boot to the face.

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Bernabe Saingan
Bernabe Saingan

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How come no one makes a big deal outta me tripping balls from salvia? Unloved! But in all seriousness Miley is a 19 year old girl- who cares if she is a stoner.


This little broad needs to get a real job. I am so sick of these trashy teenage wipe outs polluting my television and Internet experience.

How much longer are we going to idolize these worthless human beings? When are people, in general, going to say, "Hey, we have more class than this."

It seems as if every young person achieving stardom, becomes a complete piece of shit.

For Example:

Amy Winehouse- Dead piece of shitBrittney Spears- Crazy, bald piece of shitLindsey Lohan- Not really famous anymore piece of shitParis Hilton and Nicole Richie- Rich with no talent pieces of shitThe Entire cast of Jersey Shore- Whole bag of shitBristol Palin- Political piece of shitThe Kardashians- Ugly, fat,talentless, disgusting sex tape barrel of shit.Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag- Who the fuck are these shitbags?

And thank you America for making these people filthy rich. I would like to invite every single one of you, that ever watched any show starring idiots, to a face punching-fest hosted by me, Viceroy.


knowing she considers herself a 'pot-head' almost makes me not want to smoke weed... someone control her lol.


The sad part is, some people hold her up as a role model.

Lauren Marmaduke
Lauren Marmaduke

"When I think of fire, pepper spray, beating pregnant women in the streets and police brutality, I have always thought of Miley Cyrus." - LOL

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