RenFest: Your Last Chance To Get All Medieval This Weekend

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Photo by Margaret Downing
Everyone came out for the last weekend.

Check out even more of our RenFest pictures gathered up as we wandered the grounds on Friday.

This is it, the final countdown. With two days left in RenFest season for this year, it's today and tomorrow to haul yourself up to the fields south of Plantersville, lace yourself into a bodkin, loin cloth or bodice and then it's pack your tents time and haul your booty home.

On Friday, the opening day of the three-day Celtic Christmas weekend, everything was pretty mellow if you disregarded the jeers from the dunking booth wenches. "Hey guy, how about pulling your pants up?!" one yelled out to an unlucky young guy trying to score a dunk.

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Photo by Margaret Downing
Such a sweet looking young lady, slinging insults right and left.
But the tough times didn't stop there.

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Photo by Ian Downing-Beaver
Things started out normally enough...
The Knights of Mayhem were there for a one-day performance, straight from the latest reality show to hit television. Usually the jousting scenes at Renfest are preceded by lengthy court presentations of the king and queen and the four competing knights.

This visiting group (now appearing on the National Geographic Channel) discarded all of that. Yes, they introduced the knights wearing "130 pounds of steel armor" (there was a lot of clanking as they rode up and down) and their mounts (Belgian and Percheron, so heavier draft horses), but then they got right to hitting on each other.

In an apparently unscripted moment (but who knows?), one horse charged through the restraining rope at the end of his run and ended up taking the ropes, support poles and heavy lumber with him, knocking down one of the side men in the process.

cat 058.JPG
Photo by Ian Downing-Beaver
... But within a few minutes, chaos ensued as this horse was off to the races.
The kids loved it, crowding down to hang on the fence.
cat 074.JPG
Photo by Ian Downing-Beaver
Dumped, how delightful.

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Texas Renaissance Festival

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