Who Should Replace Eddie Murphy As Host of the 2012 Oscars?

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Adios, Eddie...
Today, in the wake of producer Brett Ratner stepping down from helming the 2012 Academy Awards telecast, host Eddie Murphy also exited the production, leaving two gaping holes in the February 26, 2012 event. As of this writing, no substitutes have been named.

Ratner made a remark last week that rehearsing was for "fags" in regards to the filming of his latest picture, the Eddie Murphy vehicle Tower Heist. This obviously created a media firestorm and Ratner soon departed the Oscars camp.

Of course this is close to a disaster for a television and Internet event which generates millions of dollars in ad revenue, not to mention the controversy tarnishes the usually vanilla festivities.

Now that Ratner and Murphy are both out, who should step in to fill Murphy's shoes? More than likely it will be an old Hollywood hand or a team of young funny people, like Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris, but that's just us thinking out loud. Here's ten people and pairs that should take over for Murphy, if there was any justice or humor in the world.

Shirley Phelps-Roper

The Oscar powers that be attempt to court the hardcore, bat-shit religious viewers -- who could be a lucrative demographic -- by hiring the new leader of the Westboro Baptist Church dynasty. Between wearing Vera Wang dresses, introducing presenters, chuckling at pop-culture jokes and damning the gays in the crowd to the fires of hell, Shirley will warm the hearts of the world. Maybe under all that hate there's just a mom trying to do the right thing.

Lindsay Lohan

No, no, this isn't for a career renaissance, it's a straight-up punishment, handed down by the state of California. Imagine being surrounded by people that hate you for four hours, while they make jokes about your constant skirting of the laws of man, or watching Emma Stone win an award for a movie that would have been yours had you not blown the dude from That '70s Show and got into cocaine. She'll be running back to the morgue by the time the musical numbers begin.

Steve Martin & Albert Brooks

They already rant back and forth to one another on Twitter, so why not just have this be the first all-Twitter awards show. It will save time and money on dresses and jewelry, and other hideous consumption.

The Occupy Wall Street Troupe

Nothing would be finer than a few hundred protesters camped out in the awards stage having a general assembly, randomly screaming slogans at rich actors. Hey, isn't that Susan Sarandon in there??

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