Pop Rocks: So You Won't Be Shocked By Tonight's Glee, Here's Some Gay Sex (NSFW)

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Those aren't pillows...
A Very Special Episode of the oft-vilified television variety show Glee airs tonight. Titled "The First Time," it promises to be quite the, uh, humdinger:

Television watchdog groups have not been kind to Glee in the past, often taking aim at the show and its stars.

So as the show prepares to air one of its most controversial episodes to date, which will find two of the show's most popular couples having sex for the first time, star Chris Colfer (Kurt) is awaiting the inevitable.
But it's understandable, he says, that people would approach the episode with apprehension. He admits to experiencing some of his own when he first learned Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt would lose their virginity to each other. Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) also have sex for the first time in the episode.

"The inevitable," as Colfer describes it, has yet to materialize. And I like how hetero high schoolers having sex is so old hat (Pacey and Joey, anyone?) that the fact Finn and Rachel will also be doing the deed is relegated to a sidebar.

But he's probably right that there's bound to be much outrage and gnashing of teeth over the prospect of two godless Sodomites doing the nasty on network TV. But I believe this to be an issue of unfamiliarity more than anything else. Maybe if those opposed to the idea were only as exposed to gay lovin' as they are the straight variety, it wouldn't be as offensive to them. The following examples of homosexual coupling should therefore be viewed as an educational supplement and not a juvenile attempt to boost site traffic.

Brokeback Mountain

Colfer has said there will be a "very sweet" sex scene between Kurt and Blaine. There wasn't much in the way of candles and incense in the pivotal hook-up between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, however.

My Beautiful Laundrette

This is something of a double whammy, in that it depicts not only sex between two men, but interracial sex between two men. Surely Focus on the Family won't have a problem with that.

Wet Hot American Summer

Before Bradley Cooper was headlining blockbuster comedies and Michael Ian Black was a fixture on VH1, they were consummating their love in a tool shed in a summer camp. Actually, maybe they still do that. These Hollywood types.


Boy, I'd hate to be some kid surreptitiously surfing cable TV one night in the early 80s and happening upon this airing on HBO. Further, I'd hate to be that kid going his parents the next day and asking why a guy would be smearing oil on his fist.


Yes, women can have sex with each other too. This doesn't bother men as much, for some reason.

Gina Gershon & Jennifer Tilly Bound (1996) by lildil

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