Dia de los Muertos: The 10 Hottest Dead Chicks (Semi-NSFW)

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Today is day two of Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, when all are supposed to clean up the cemeteries, visit their deceased relatives and just in general show some respect to those who have passed beyond the mortal coil. We on the other hand would like to pay our respects to the smoking hot on the other side of the veil. Here are the ones we can't wait to die to meet.

10. Francesca (from Ghost Ship)

If you didn't catch 2002's Ghost Ship, you missed out on one of the best cheesy gorefests ever given a budget. The film was short on sense, long on scares and also had the famous Italian actress Francesca Rettondini playing the ghost of a murdered lounge singer. Minutes after she peels down and seduces one of our heroes, he goes to embrace her and tumbles down a shaft to his death. You ask us, it was worth it.

9. Evita (Eva Perón)

Eva Perón was only 33 when cancer claimed her, and she left behind an entire country devastated by her loss. Distraught, her husband Juan Perón enlisted the aid of Dr. Pedro Ara, who was famous for his ability to perfectly preserve a body. His work was so perfect that when Perón was overthrown by a military coup and Evita's body was left behind, the members of the coup refused to believe that her corpse was legit. It was, and is still pretty attractive.

8. Kristine Z. Kochanski (from Red Dwarf)

Maybe one of the greatest British TV shows ever, Red Dwarf is well worth tracking down. Kochanski has been dead for 3 million years by the time the series really gets going, but she makes several appearances as a flashback or an occasional hologram. By the way, of the two Kochanskis that were featured, Clare Grogan was the real gem.

7. Moaning Myrtle (from Harry Potter)

Yeah, we know she's the ghost of a teenager, but Shirley Henderson was 37 when she filmed Chamber of Secrets, so get over it. Ghost chick is hot, okay?

6. Aeris Gainsborough (from Final Fantasy VII)

Every man our age remembers where he was the day he saw Aeris die at the end of Sephiroth's sword. It still brings tears to our eyes. Nonetheless, like Obi-Wan she became even more powerful after being struck down, and continued to help your party from the other side as a guiding spirit and as a reminder that dying does not make you any less sexy.

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