5 TV Chefs We'd Rather See Naked Than Anthony Bourdain (and 5 We Wouldn't)

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Stars and hearts over the naughty bits, so this is almost 100 percent safe for work. Almost.
A nude photo of Anthony Bourdain surfaced yesterday, in case you hadn't heard (especially since the man himself Tweeted the pic). It was taken 12 years prior while on vacation, and Bourdain can be seen swimming naked along with his sous chef at the time. To quote Bourdain on the photo's origin, "My wife took 'em. Fuck it. Welcome to the Caribbean."

It's not the first time we've seen Mr. Bourdain in the nude, although the first time famously featured the chef holding a bone in front of his...er...bone. So the news that TMZ had acquired a "legit" nude photo of the chef wasn't really all that exciting.

Because as much as we like Bourdain (and as much as we agree with the fact that he's got a killer tan in the photo), he's not the celeb at the top of our "celebrities we want to see naked" list. He's not even the celeb at the top of our "food celebrities we want to see naked list."

But these folks are.

Food Celebrities We Want to See Naked:

5. Gail Simmons

It just seems like all of her would be equally...perky... She's also prettier in person than we thought she could possibly be. Sigh.

4. Sophie Dahl

She may have lost a lot of her signature weight, but she's still gorgeous to us -- and possibly more gorgeous to those who like their women on the skinny side. (Of course, to see Ms. Dahl nude, you really only need turn to her infamous Yves Saint Laurent campaign.)

3. Ludovic Lefebre

It's a romance novel cover come to life...with fish.

You'll always be our English muffin, you cheeky bird.
2. Nigella Lawson

Even Nigella wants to see Nigella naked.

We'd say g'day to Stone's down under.
1. Curtis Stone

This man is so pretty it hurts. Thanks, Australia. This makes up for Natalie Imbruglia.

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